Wheat & Gluten-Free Home Baking by Lola Workman, unfortunately not available on Kindle. This is one of my newest cookbooks, but it is rapidly becoming one of my favourites. I purchased this late last year from Cook The Books, a local cookbook store and a very dangerous place for my wallet. It’s well worth a visit if you’re in to any sort of cooking. Wheat & Gluten-Free Home Baking concentrates on breads and buns and it does these really well.

I have many gluten free cookbooks, so I’ve decided to start reviewing them so everyone else can pick the best. Back in 2013 my wife and I visited Toronto, I’d managed to convince her that the Toronto Indycar race would be fun to watch. While over there we went to the amazing Bunner’s Bakeshop, a completely gluten free and vegan bakery. I’m not vegan but I was seriously impressed with their cakes and cinnamon rolls.


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