Wheat & Gluten-Free Home Baking by Lola Workman, unfortunately not available on Kindle. This is one of my newest cookbooks, but it is rapidly becoming one of my favourites. I purchased this late last year from Cook The Books, a local cookbook store and a very dangerous place for my wallet. It’s well worth a visit if you’re in to any sort of cooking. Wheat & Gluten-Free Home Baking concentrates on breads and buns and it does these really well.

I have many gluten free cookbooks, so I’ve decided to start reviewing them so everyone else can pick the best. Back in 2013 my wife and I visited Toronto, I’d managed to convince her that the Toronto Indycar race would be fun to watch. While over there we went to the amazing Bunner’s Bakeshop, a completely gluten free and vegan bakery. I’m not vegan but I was seriously impressed with their cakes and cinnamon rolls.

Since I posted my gluten free bread recipe I’ve been trying different things to improve it, mostly varying the flours and binder quantities. It’s a slow process as I have to eat a loaf of bread after each attempt!

I’ve updated the original recipe for ease of use.

Since being diagnosed with coeliac disease in 2005 (Or thereabouts. My medical records were lost…) I’ve been trying to make a decent gluten free bread. It’s tricky since gluten is the very thing that makes bread work, but with a lot of experimentation and some Science I’ve found a recipe that works pretty well. This loaf is gluten, diary and egg free, and could be made soy free as well.

After many years using an ancient GPL version of MovableType (4.32, the last to support PostgreSQL. I have aversion to MySQL) I’ve gone to a new static site generator - Hugo. I’ve previously looked at Jekyll but the complexity of migrating my MovableType content over was just too much. Finally I got sick of paying for a server that gets no use and moved my blog to S3 storage and had to do something.

I’m back, after a short break and much swearing at third party libraries. I was going to use React.NET as that bundles up all the things required, but it has too many opinions about how you call your React components. Since I’m using Redux an react-router this makes most of the code redundant, so I went back to using the raw components. Additionally, I switched from V8 to using Microsoft’s Chakra runtime because the existing V8 interop libraries do not support .


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