** Install Comic Sans Be Gone **

Comic Sans Be Gone is a small Safari extension I created to remove Comic Sans from any page you visit, and substitute a much more pleasing sans-serif font in its place.

Additionally, you can replace Arial as well, and change the substitution font if you want. This is done in the extension settings in Safari’s preferences.

It’s enabled for all websites, so it could cause slowdowns on any stylesheet rule heavy app. If this happens drop me a line (@sitharus on twitter) and I’ll blacklist problematic sites.

You can email _ comicsansbegone at sitharus.com _ , or ping @sitharus on Twitter.

Current Version

The current version is 1.3, download Comic Sans Be Gone

The source is open, you may get it on github



  • Added option to replace Arial (off by default).
  • Added option to change the substitution font.


  • Another minor Javascript fix.


  • Minor fixes to Javascript.


  • Now removes Comic Sans in inline styles and font tags